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What nurses are saying about the Wound Treatment Associate course.  

“I would highly recommend this course.”

“It is very good for all institutions because it is deep and explicit for care and prevention.”

“I was able to do the program because it is online, and I could do it at my own pace”

“I am very appreciative that I was selected to be a part of the class and I certainly will use the learned information in a positive way to educate my patients and their families and will also be able to make suggestions to enhance treatment of pressure injuries”.

“Rates of hospital-acquired injuries have decreased since we trained our team of WTA’s”

“Great program.  All nurses should have it”.

“I had problems differentiating between unstageable and stage 3 and 4.  I am so happy I did this course.  I will approach wound care with much more confidence”. 

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Initiate our Reboot/Refresh Process if your prevention program is stalled or your current prevention program is not achieving optimal outcomes.

The Reboot/Refresh Process includes:

Pressure Injury Prevention Coaching | Eight weeks of expert contact and support
INCLUDES 4 – 3 hour ON-SITE OR VIRTUAL SEMINARS plus 8 weeks of weekly 30-minute conference calls to monitor progress, troubleshoot challenges and sustain momentum.

Overview: Designed to assist and mentor quality program managers, program committee members, program leaders, certified wound specialists, nurse educators

At the end of the process you will have a “living” action plan tailored to your needs that will give direction and strategies for improvement, with specific timelines and clear lines of responsibility. 

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